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Sullivan- Palatek Water Injected Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Oil Free Aqua Air

Quality Compressed Air Services would like to introduce the newest in Oil Free Air Compressors from Sullivan Palatek by Aqua Air. The compressor generates the necessary lubricant directly and exclusively from the ambient air. They use the most natural and most environmentally friendly fluid available, using water!

Thanks to the innovative AQUAAIR technology, oil-free production of compressed air is now safe and sustainable. Our screw compressors have been put to the test in many applications all over the world. Because the compressors use an ecologically exemplary water-based lubrication system, they do not produce even a millimeter of waste oil throughout their entire life cycle—while maintaining outstanding performance. The air compressors thus also play a significant role in making production economically feasible, since no costs are incurred for procuring, filtering and disposing of oil-based lubricants.


The following industries will strongly benefit from Aqua Air technology:

•        Beverage Industry

•        Breweries

•        Food Industry

•        Petro/Chemical Industry

•        Health Care Industry

•        Laboratories

•        Pharmaceuticals Industry

•        Pulp & Paper Industry

•        Packaging industry

•        Electronics Manufacturing

•        Textiles Industry

•        Power Generation

•        Metering Technology

Why choose the Aqua Air water injected air compressor?

Less Cost

• High energy efficiency

• Saving money by VSD, and direct drive by optimized adaption of volume flow to real compressed air demand

• No elaborated water treatment

• After use water can simply be drained to environment without any disposal costs

• Low maintenance costs

• No filters, absorbers necessary to remove oil

Your Benefit

• Your winning of reputation by using environmental orientated technology made in Germany

• No coatings applied to any parts, that could contaminate the oil free air.

• Reliability, cost effective & the latest technology

Why Sullivan-Palatek?

• Over 50 years of solid compressor manufacturing expertise

• In‐house manufacturing done on state of the art machining centers & grinders

• No timing or bull gears to reach max discharge pressure

• No oil at all, for the gears or bearings

• Reduced mechanical load because of slow speeds and Hydro-Bearings

• Less mechanical parts


Refrigerated dryers are required for the water injected air compressor and Sullivan-Palatek has a complete line of Dryers and Zero Loss Drains that will be quoted with each compressor package.

Refrigerated_Air_Dryers copy


Would you like to know more about the Aqua Air water injected rotary screw air compressor? We are ready to answer any questions you have and send you information on this new innovation!

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