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Storage Tanks

Our tanks are constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Custom fabricated tanks are available to meet any specifications.


Oil Water Separators

The EPA may want to see your compressor room…. Are you ready?

Under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Part 279, the rules governing proper handling and disposal of used oil , it is unlawful to dump water mixed with oil in sewer drain over 440ppm limit. It is also unlawful to dump oil of any kind into the ground or waters.

This means the condensate a compressor system expels can get you into trouble! If untreated, the water typically contains concentrations above 330ppm of oil.

The old days of just blowing it out of the building or down the drain are gone!

Our team distributes a full line of high quality oil/ water separators to meet your needs!




Quality Compressed Air Services designs and distributes various compressor controller packages including:

    • Lead Lag systems
    • Base load transfer systems
    • Equipment Sequencing and networking systems
    • Automated Controllers


Products_Accesssories_Condensate DrainsCondensate Drains

We also offer various types of condensate drains to meet your needs including:

    • Electric times solenoid drains
    • Electric ball valve drains
    • Electric no air loss drains
    • Mechanical float drains


Consult with our technical sales team to find the compressed air accessories to  better suit your compressed air needs